Terms and Conditions

The terms, definitions, and general conditions regulate the relationship between Zbor.md and the User/Client regarding the use and purchase of air ticket reservation services and other available tourist services.

Zbor.md is an online air ticket sales platform, as well as other tourist services. For services paid in MDL, payments are processed by the commercial company "EXPLOR TUR" S.R.L., INDO 1012600013482, located at MD-2004, Chișinău, Centru sector, 31 August 1989 St., No. 64, Republic of Moldova through B.C. Victoriabank S.A. and B.C. MAIB S.A. (banks registered in the Republic of Moldova).

For services paid in a currency other than MDL (EUR, USD, etc.), payments are processed by EMA Plus Solutions S.R.L. Trade Registry J40/19757/2017 | CUI RO38540407 Victoria Business Park, Bucharest, București-Ploiești Road No.73-81, 4th floor, building No.4, office 20, 013685 through NETOPIA Payments, a payment system managed by NETOPIA FINANCIAL SERVICES S.R.L. (a company registered in Romania).

These terms and conditions, which may be amended from time to time, apply directly or indirectly (through distributors) to all our services available online, by email, or telephone. By accessing, browsing, and using our website/software and/or making a reservation, you acknowledge and agree that you have read, understood, and agreed to all the terms and conditions below, without restrictions. If you disagree with the described points, you may choose not to use the offered services.

These pages, the content and infrastructure of these pages, and the online reservation service provided on these pages and through this website ("service") are owned, operated, and provided by www.ZBOR.MD.md ("ZBOR.MD", "we", "us", or "our") and are provided for your personal, non-commercial use only, subject to the terms and conditions set out below.

Air Ticket Conditions

At the time of booking, the payment terms provided by the airlines will be displayed. For bookings of regular airlines, most airlines require that payment for tickets be made within 24 to 48 hours, during which Zbor.md guarantees the availability of seats and fares. This information will be available on the page and in the booking confirmation email. If payment is not made within the communicated interval, the airline reserves the right to automatically cancel the tickets.

For low-cost tickets, FLY ONE, and Smart Connections air tickets, bookings cannot be made without payment being registered in Zbor.md accounts, therefore Zbor.md does not guarantee the reservation of seats and fares communicated at the time of the booking request. These will only be guaranteed after payment is made and the air tickets are issued.

Attention: between the time of making booking requests on the site or by phone and the time of paying for air tickets and viewing the payment in the Zbor.md account by its employees, fare changes or the seats may no longer be available. In these situations, Zbor.md will notify passengers and will communicate the next fare or will propose new flight options to meet their needs.


If you wish to cancel or modify the reserved or purchased service (and the Service Provider allows this), it is your responsibility to inform Zbor.md in writing or by phone about your intentions. In some cases, you may not be able to cancel/modify air tickets or you will need to meet certain requirements for these actions. Zbor.md or the Service Provider accepts all forms of written requests. Zbor.md Service Provider cannot cancel/modify the air ticket before receiving your firm request.

In the event of modifying a booking (including, but not limited to, voluntary or involuntary cancellations, refunds, name changes), Zbor.md reserves the right to apply certain fees to cover administrative costs that may result from this action. These fees differ from those directly imposed by the Service Provider.

In the case of voluntarily canceling air tickets, the service fee charged at the time of ticket issuance is non-refundable.

In cases of force majeure and not only, the airline may cancel or delay the flight, as well as cancel the reservation without prior notification to the Passenger, following which the money will be refunded to the passenger or new flight options will be proposed. In all these cases, the passenger will either be informed directly by the airline or by Zbor.md representatives.

The fare rules imposed by airlines regarding the change or cancellation of paid air tickets are displayed at the time of booking. After payment, the change or cancellation of air tickets is strictly in accordance with those fare rules.


Each airline has its own baggage transport rules. This information is presented on the site during the booking process or by Zbor.md consultants by phone.

For some airlines, hand and/or hold baggage is included in the fare communicated on the site. For low-cost airlines and some regular airlines, baggage is charged separately from the ticket price, and this information will be provided during the booking process. Baggage can be purchased at the time of booking or after issuing air tickets, but no later than check-in.

Each airline has different limits (number of kilograms or dimensions) for hand or hold baggage. If you do not comply with these dimensions, the airline has the right to charge you extra.


Check-in at the airport can be done for both regular and low-cost airlines, but for low-cost, FLY ONE, and UIA, an additional fee is charged at the time of registration. To avoid paying an additional fee, Zbor.md recommends that you check in online before the flight. Information about online check-in will be provided by Zbor.md agents at the time of booking. Upon request, a Zbor.md agent will check you in and upload it to your booking, from where you can later download the boarding passes. Printing boarding passes is mandatory for some airlines, which you will be notified about by our agents. Zbor.md offers this service for free and is not obliged to do so. The passenger is responsible for carrying out, printing, and presenting the boarding passes at check-in.

Smart Connections

The online air ticket site Zbor.md offers its Users a Smart Connections application ("Smart Connections"), which represents an advanced search algorithm for flight combinations.

The combinations found using the Smart Connections application include two or more flights from one or more airlines, but each flight is offered as a separate service, and the airlines do not cooperate in creating such a flight option. The flight option found through the unique Smart Connections algorithm will hereafter be referred to as "Flight Option". Purchasing tickets for a particular Flight Option using Smart Connections does not represent the purchase of a single air ticket for the entire itinerary, with one or more connections. When deciding to purchase air tickets found using Smart Connections, the User will formally make a BOOKING for each separate ticket, from one or more airlines.

Considering that the User purchases separate tickets for each flight as part of the Flight Option and since the flight connection configurations may provide a short period for the connection (taking into account the User's search criteria and the availability of flights), when purchasing tickets for a Flight Option with Smart Connections, there may be a risk of a flight cancellation, delay, or schedule change, resulting in the inability to use the subsequent flight or flights in the Flight Option.

When the search results with the Smart Connections function provide information that the Flight Option is covered by the Zbor.md Guarantee, this means that when purchasing tickets as part of this Flight Option, the User will receive assistance from Zbor.md in cases and strictly according to the conditions described as follows in the Zbor.md Guarantee - click here - https://www.zbor.md/en/zbor-md-guarantee

Separate Flights - Flight Options with Smart Connections, highlighted by the phrase "Separate Flights", are not covered by the Zbor.md Guarantee. All risks of missing flights are the passenger's responsibility.

Force Majeure

"Force majeure" refers to unforeseeable events caused by natural phenomena: earthquakes, landslides, fires, drought, strong winds, torrential rains, floods, frost, snowfall, etc. Or economic or social circumstances: revolution, war, blockade, strike, bankruptcy, state-level import or export bans, epidemics, etc. This list of such phenomena and circumstances is not exhaustive.

An event can only be recognized as force majeure if its existence objectively led to the impossibility of fulfilling contractual obligations or their non-compliant fulfillment.

According to Art. 904 Art.1 of the Civil Code of the Republic of Moldova: Justification due to an impediment (1) The debtor's non-performance of the obligation is justified if it is due to an impediment beyond the debtor's control and if it could not reasonably be required of the debtor to avoid or overcome the impediment or its consequences. (2) In case the obligation arose from a contract or other legal act, non-performance is not justified if the debtor could reasonably have considered the impediment at the time of conclusion. (3) In case the justifying impediment is only temporary, the justification produces effects for the duration of the impediment's existence. However, if the delay acquires the characteristics of essential non-performance, the creditor may resort to legal remedies based on such non-performance. (4) In case the justifying impediment is permanent, the obligation is extinguished. The corresponding obligation is also extinguished. In the case of contractual obligations, the restitution effects of this extinguishment are regulated by the provisions of Art. 926-932, which are correspondingly applicable. (5) The debtor has the obligation to ensure that the creditor receives a notification about the impediment and its effects on the ability to perform, within a reasonable time after the debtor knew or should have known these circumstances. The creditor is entitled to compensation for any damage resulting from not receiving such notification. (6) The justifying impediment does not exempt the debtor from paying damages if the impediment occurred after the obligation was not performed, except if the creditor could not have benefited from the performance of the obligation anyway, due to the impediment.


1.1 Through the website www.ZBOR.MD.md and/or specialized software, "EXPLOR-TUR" S.R.L. and its affiliated partners offer an online dynamic database for booking and paying for air tickets, which allows clients to see all available flight options and their prices at the time of inquiry, by filling out a search form on the website. By completing the booking form provided by the website www.ZBOR.md and/or specialized software, the client reserves a flight option.

1.2 The information provided on our website in response to the client's inquiry regarding flight options and their prices represents the information of the airlines that operate the requested routes.

1.3 Through this website, we (www.ZBOR.MD.md and affiliated (distribution) partners) provide an online platform through which all types of temporary accommodations (e.g.: hotels, motels, hostels, and B&B, referred to as "accommodation/accommodations") can promote their rooms for reservation, and through which website visitors can make these reservations. By making a reservation through ZBOR.MD, you enter into a direct contractual relationship (legally binding) with the accommodation where you make the reservation. From the moment you make the reservation, ZBOR.MD acts only as an intermediary between you and the accommodation, transmitting the booking details of the user to the relevant accommodation and sending you a confirmation email for and on behalf of the accommodation.

1.4 Each provider remains responsible at all times for the accuracy, completeness, and correctness of the (descriptive) information (including prices and availability) displayed on our website. Our website does not constitute and should not be regarded as a recommendation or endorsement of the quality, service level, or rating of any accommodation available.

1.5 ZBOR.MD services are available exclusively for personal and non-commercial use. Therefore, you are not allowed to resell, use, copy, monitor, display, download or reproduce any content or information, software, products, or services available on the ZBOR.MD website for any commercial or competitive activity or purpose.

1.6 Our website should not be construed as a recommendation or guarantee for the benefit of (the quality, service level, or rating) of any proposed flight option.

1.7 For each specific inquiry, at each determined moment in time, the dynamic database forms a variant of the current tourist services at the moment of the inquiry, which corresponds to the real situation of service availability according to the user/client's requested criteria.

1.8 Any booking made at ZBOR.MD will be considered as the user's intention to purchase a specific product or tourist service from the Tourist Service Provider. If the user's/client's request is accepted, ZBOR.MD will send a confirmation email.

1.9 All tourist services advertised on the website and/or through ZBOR.MD software are subject to the availability of Tourist Service Providers. The terms and conditions of the Tourist Service Provider (including passenger transport rules imposed by airlines) will additionally apply to the Terms and Conditions set by ZBOR.MD.

1.10 The terms of the Tourist Service Providers may include provisions regarding various payment procedures, obligations, cancellations, booking modifications, and refunds (if applicable) or other restrictions. Some airlines may impose additional fees. ZBOR.MD is not responsible for costs that may arise when transferring from one airport to another or from one terminal to another.

1.11 ZBOR.MD is not responsible for collecting various local taxes, additional charges by some hotels.

1.12 The Client/Passenger is directly responsible for complying with the conditions imposed by the Tourist Service Provider regarding boarding times, flight reconfirmation, or any other rules.


2.1 Seat reservations for flights are made using international computerized reservation systems, which allow ZBOR.MD access to the airline's database and the actual reservation of seats for a particular flight in favor of potential passengers.

2.2 Reservations are free and are made before the departure date. The duration of the flight option reservation varies depending on the limit set by the airline or the airlines operating the flights in the reserved flight option. The reservation duration can be changed at any time by the airline or the airlines operating the flights in the reserved flight option without prior notification to "EXPLOR-TUR" S.R.L. Accordingly, "EXPLOR-TUR" S.R.L displays this duration approximately and cannot guarantee it in any case.

2.3 Upon making a reservation, the passenger will receive information from ZBOR.MD regarding the flight price (valid at the time of reservation), as well as information regarding conditions and rules applicable to the air ticket that can be purchased based on the respective reservation.

2.4 All conditions, rules, and restrictions applicable to an air ticket are those dictated by the airline as well as other factors (e.g. the obligation to hold a visa), independent of ZBOR.MD's will. These rules, as well as the air ticket price, can change, by the will of those who imposed them, until the actual purchase of the ticket, without ZBOR.MD being held responsible in any way. The air ticket price, for certain flight options, can change during the issuing process. If there is a possibility of a price increase after the flight option has been paid for by the client, they will be notified before the ticket is issued about this. If flight options become more expensive after payment, during the issuing process, the passenger will be offered the opportunity to pay the difference to complete the issuing of the flight options, or the full amount paid will be refunded, using the same payment method through which the payment was made. Zbor.md cannot be held responsible for the increase in air ticket prices during the issuing process, even after payment has been made by the client.

2.5. Displaying flight options to the client's request on the website www.ZBOR.MD.md represents ZBOR.MD's offer, and the client's payment for one or another offer option represents the passenger's agreement to conclude an air ticket sales contract with ZBOR.MD and a transport contract with the airline. From the moment the passenger receives the air ticket according to the selected and paid offer by the client, the air ticket sales contract between the passenger and ZBOR.MD and the transport contract between the airline and the passenger are considered concluded. The itinerary receipt, sent to the email address indicated by the client at the time of selecting and paying for the flight, represents the document that confirms the conclusion of the air ticket sales contract and the transport contract.

2.6. By paying for the ticket, the client confirms understanding that a transport contract is concluded and enters into a direct legal relationship with the transport company. Also, the Client, by paying for the ticket, accepts that if there are any claims related to transport services, they should be addressed directly to the transport company; including in case of its insolvency (bankruptcy). ZBOR.MD is not a guarantor or representative of the transport company.

2.7 At the time of booking a flight, the user has the opportunity to enter the details of their loyalty card if they are already enrolled in such a program of an airline, these loyalty programs are subject to the terms and conditions imposed by the company to which the user/client is subscribed.

2.8. The prices of air tickets sold through ZBOR.MD result from a complex system of fare rules, contractual rates, rates published in centralized reservation systems, special rates, ZBOR.MD's service fee, etc. In these conditions, each flight, in particular, implies calculating the applicable price for the respective air ticket. The same flight, with the same company, can generate different prices.

2.9. Some fares or special offers cannot be canceled or modified. The User is obliged to check the fare rules provided for the reserved air ticket.

2.10. Paying for the air ticket means that the user/passenger has become acquainted with all the fare conditions and agrees with them.

2.11. The air ticket is the document, inscription, or electronic convention based on which the flight is performed. The air ticket is issued by ZBOR.MD but is the property of the airline for which it was issued.

2.12. The passenger holding an air ticket purchased must keep it in good condition and present it for boarding to be admitted to the flight. The loss or damage of the air ticket by the passenger does not entitle the passenger to receive a new ticket, failure to perform the flight for this reason falls exclusively on the passenger, without being able to claim any compensation from ZBOR.MD or the company.

2.13. The contract conditions and the information written on the air ticket supplement these general conditions. It is considered that the passenger who has taken possession of the air ticket is aware of all this information.

2.14. Client/Passenger must comply with the boarding times (before departure) recommended by airlines, which is 120 minutes for international flights and 90 minutes for domestic flights.

2.15. Some airlines require flight reconfirmation at least 72 hours before departure. Non-compliance with this rule may result in the cancellation of the flight reservation. The coupons of the air ticket must be used in consecutive order. Failure to comply with this provision, the airline reserves the right to cancel the ticket in question.

2.16. ZBOR.MD is not liable and cannot be claimed for damages because the passenger did not fly, under the following conditions:

- the passenger did not show up on time for boarding (120 minutes before the departure time written on the ticket)

- the passenger is refused boarding due to problems with their personal documents (including lack of entry visa for the destination country, false visa, passport with a ban, etc.) or in the situation of an unjustified refusal by the authorities to allow the trip.

- other circumstances or force majeure cases, which ZBOR.MD could not foresee or avoid.

2.17. ZBOR.MD is not responsible for cancellations, delays, or schedule changes by the airline for which the ticket was issued, for the quality of the flight or for services related to the flight (e.g., baggage loss), obligations that fall directly on the airline. ZBOR.MD, in accordance with the International Warsaw Conventions, is subject to the airlines' requests. In such situations, the passenger should address the carrier directly, which will compensate the passenger in accordance with international regulations.

2.18. The passenger can give up the purchased air ticket at any time, before the departure date. Regardless of the reason for giving up, applying the return policy according to the rules imposed by the airlines. Usually, applying a penalty of 100% of the ticket value including taxes and TSF + 15 EUR TSF for cancellation If the company's rules allow more advantageous return conditions, ZBOR.MD will apply these rules in favor of the passenger, without these affecting the retention of TSF and TSF for cancellation.

2.19. The passenger can modify the initial ticket purchased under the conditions established by the company for which the ticket was issued, for each case in particular, paying an additional fee set by the airline. Usually, applying a penalty of 100% of the ticket value including taxes and TSF + 15 EUR TSF for cancellation If the company's rules allow more advantageous return conditions, ZBOR.MD will apply these rules in favor of the passenger, without these affecting the retention of TSF and TSF for cancellation.

2.20. The passenger cannot use only component parts of the flight corresponding to the purchased ticket. Failure to show up for the first flight is considered giving up the ticket and the provisions of these general conditions apply.

2.21. The passenger cannot transfer the air ticket to a third person.

2.22. Failure to show up for the flight usually results in the loss of the air ticket, with a penalty of 100% of the ticket value.

2.23. The passenger must ensure that they comply with all the formalities required for the trip (police, customs, health, passport, visa, etc.), ZBOR.MD having no responsibility towards the passenger in this regard. Refusal to board for one of these reasons falls exclusively on the passenger, without being able to claim compensation.

2.24. Due to the situation created by the massive asylum requests or illegal stays in Western countries, the authorities of all states, even in the presence of an entry visa issued by the embassies of the respective countries, can refuse without explanations to allow border crossing, respectively boarding the passenger on the plane. In such situations, ZBOR.MD cannot be asked for compensation, as the impossibility of performing the transport is due to the act of a third party.


3.1. ZBOR.MD, through its software or the website www.ZBOR.MD.md, and other sites owned by entities cooperating with ZBOR.MD, offers its Clients/Users its hotel services described in detail in individual offers.

3.2. The Client/User can send a request regarding a hotel reservation through the Reservation System available through the website www.ZBOR.MD.md by entering all the necessary data in the form, and/or other sites owned by entities cooperating with ZBOR.MD.

3.3. Confirmation of the request and the rate. ZBOR.MD sends a confirmation of the request to the email address provided by the Client/User. The confirmation contains the reservation number, details about the hotel services, the total price of the services (valid at the time of reservation), and the selected payment method. The Client/User, before payment, must verify the accuracy of the data entered.

3.4. Client/User must comply with the check-in and check-out times set by each hotel individually. Usually, the normal check-in time is 14:00, and check-out is done by 11:00.

3.5. ZBOR.MD is not responsible to the Client/User for inadequately providing services that were ordered and paid for on the spot, in the destination country.

3.6. The information contained on the web www.ZBOR.MD.md and other promotional materials of ZBOR.MD, are presented at the time of their composition, later, they may differ from the actual data, as they undergo changes. All information about the tourist services ordered corresponds to the existing situation at the time of the Request conclusion and may not match the actual data, as they undergo changes.

3.7. ZBOR.MD uses exclusively the classification of hotels made by partner companies, which ensure the service of Tourists in the territory of the destination country in providing information about the categories (number of stars) of hotels. The classification of hotels is carried out by each such partner company based on its business practices standards, and may not coincide with the category (number of stars) defined by official bodies or by the hotel administration. In connection with significant differences in the regulatory practice of standardization and certification of hotel services in foreign countries, official documents confirming the certification of services can be provided to tourists only if they are available at partner companies.

3.8. By paying for the hotel reservation, the Client confirms that they understand that a lodging contract is concluded and enters into a direct legal relationship with the accommodation facility. Also, the Client, by paying for the reservation, accepts that if there are any claims related to accommodation services, they should be addressed directly to the accommodation facility. ZBOR.MD is not a guarantor or representative of the accommodation facility or other service providers.

3.9. By making a reservation with an accommodation provider, the Client/User agrees that they accept the cancellation and no-show policy of that accommodation provider and any other terms and conditions (delivery) of the accommodation provider that may apply to the reservation or stay of the Client/User, including services or products offered by the accommodation provider (the delivery terms and conditions of an accommodation provider can be obtained from the relevant accommodation provider).


4.1. In response to the inquiry filled out by the client/user in the search form on the website www.ZBOR.MD or through the related software, all available flight options and their prices at the time of the inquiry and the valid prices at the time of making the respective request are displayed.

4.2. Some fares or special offers cannot be canceled or modified. The Client/User must check the specific rules of the fare for the reserved tourist services.

4.3. For card payments directly on the site, ZBOR.MD will collect the amount for the ticket as follows:

- in Lei (MDL) if the payer's card is based on the LEI MDL currency

- in Euro currency, regardless of the base currency of the payer's card, except for cards based on Lei MDL.

The client chooses which card to use for payment at the time of payment.

Additionally, to minimize the effects of attempts to defraud the user's credit card, before issuing travel documents, ZBOR.MD reserves the right to perform random checks: to request proof of the user's address, a photo of the card used for payment, a photo of an identity document of the cardholder, and a recent account statement. All rates and fees may fluctuate due to exchange rate changes.

4.4. The prices of the services marketed through ZBOR.MD result from a complex system of fare rules, contractual rates, rates published in centralized reservation systems, special rates, ZBOR.MD's service fee, etc. In these conditions, each tourist product implies calculating the applicable price for the respective service. The same service, with the same provider company, can generate different prices. Given the infinity of prices applicable to tourist services, these, as well as the rules applicable to them, cannot be displayed or published.

4.5. The price of any service presupposes special conditions, rules, and restrictions applicable to the respective service. The Client/User/Passenger is obliged to inquire about these rules before purchasing the respective product. After purchasing the service, it is considered that the Client/User/Passenger is aware of all these rules, and they can no longer claim that they were not informed or lacked information.

4.6. In case the Client/User/Passenger pays for the air ticket in cash at the partner agency's office, the payment is made in Moldovan lei, at the exchange rate of commercial banks against EUR, USD, or another currency to which the airlines' fares are tied.

4.7. No other payment methods are accepted other than those presented on the Site, and we do not assume any responsibility for money sent by courier.

4.8. For its specific activity, the ZBOR.MD agency applies a policy of service fees, briefly referred to as TSF (Ticket Service Fee or Transaction Service Fee). TSFs are non-refundable in case of cancellation or modification of the air ticket.

4.9. ZBOR.MD or the Service Provider reserves the right to charge additional any fees (or Commissions) that may arise at the time of reservations made by credit cards. In this case, you will be informed about the applicable commissions.


5.1. This Regulation and our services are regulated by the applicable law of the Republic of Moldova, the Rules of the International Air Transport Association (IATA). and the Warsaw Convention.

5.2. By displaying these general conditions by ZBOR.MD, it is mandatory for the Client/User to read them. It is considered that the Client/User/Passenger who purchased the tourist service at ZBOR.MD is aware of the content of these conditions, and they will no longer be able to claim later that they were not aware or informed about them.

5.3. If not otherwise agreed, the information and any computer programs, software necessary for ZBOR.MD's services, and used on the website www.ZBOR.MD.md, and the respective copyright and economic rights over them as intellectual property, belong to ZBOR.MD or its suppliers.

5.4. All disputes arising in connection with this Regulation, the air ticket sales contract, the transport contract, and our services will be settled through negotiations or in the courts of the Republic of Moldova, unless the Agency indicates otherwise.

5.5. Within the limits set by this Service Provision Regulation, ZBOR.MD is liable only for direct damages, actually caused or as a result of the non-performance of our obligations within our service provision and only within the commission charged from the Service Provider.

5.6. If a clause or part of these Terms and Conditions is declared null, the remaining valid clauses will continue to produce their effects.

5.7. If there are complaints related to the non-performance or improper performance of the obligations of the ZBOR.MD company provided in the Terms and Conditions, they will be resolved based on negotiations, or in the order of claims. Any complaint regarding the purchased service must be made in writing, within a maximum of 7 days from the date of the event complained about. The deadline for responding to the submitted claim is 30 calendar days. To submit a complaint electronically, it is necessary to have an electronic signature, so it can be sent to the email address: info@zbor.md. If you do not have an electronic signature, the complaint must be sent through Moldova Post to the ZBOR.MD office in Chișinău, 31 August 1989 St., No. 64.

5.8. All disputes arising in connection with these Terms and Conditions and our services will be resolved in the competent courts of the Republic of Moldova.


"EXPLOR TUR" SRL's commitment to personal data protection

Your trust in our services and staff is one of our main concerns. In this regard, we focus on continuously improving throughout our activity.

"EXPLOR TUR" SRL recognizes the importance of your personal data and is committed to protecting the privacy and security of your data. Therefore, it is important for us to provide you with comprehensive information regarding the processing of your personal data, as part of these Terms and Conditions.

"EXPLOR TUR" SRL respects the confidentiality of all our clients and the confidentiality of all visitors to our websites and will treat/process your personal data with great care, under adequate technical and organizational security conditions.

"EXPLOR TUR" SRL processes the personal data received directly from you, as data subjects, or indirectly during commercial/contractual relations when accessing the services offered by "EXPLOR TUR" SRL.

Personal data is collected either only with your consent/acceptance, if provided knowingly, voluntarily, on your own initiative, or at the request of "EXPLOR TUR" SRL., for example, through one of the online forms used, namely the online contact form, the online service order form, etc., by subscribing to newsletters (of course, only after you have opted to receive these newsletters), participating in raffles and contests, by completing the data in the account registration form on a "EXPLOR TUR" SRL website, etc.

Using this website and other "EXPLOR TUR" SRL websites by you is subject to these provisions and the general, technical, and participation conditions of "EXPLOR TUR" SRL.

If you do not agree with any of the terms of these terms and conditions, do not use any of our websites or provide us with your personal data. Certain services may be conditioned on the provision of your personal data.

"EXPLOR TUR" SRL will not process your personal data beyond what is necessary to achieve the purposes mentioned below, respecting the legal security and confidentiality measures of the data.

What personal data does "EXPLOR TUR" SRL process?

Processing personal data means any operation or set of operations, performed on your personal data, by automated or non-automated means, such as: collection, recording, organization, structuring, storage, adaptation or alteration, retrieval, consultation, use, disclosure by transmission, dissemination, or otherwise making available, alignment or combination, restriction, erasure, or destruction, archiving, statistical purposes.

To access "EXPLOR TUR" SRL websites, you do not need to provide us with any personal data.

In the context of the current activity of "EXPLOR TUR" SRL, including the conduct of commercial/contractual activity, procurement of air tickets, accommodation services, tourist packages, involving the purchase of "EXPLOR TUR" SRL services offered on the website, purchasing tickets online or subscribing to "EXPLOR TUR" SRL newsletters, as well as in the context of fulfilling legal obligations, we may request certain personal data from you.

In this regard, "EXPLOR TUR" SRL will process, among others, the following personal data: name and surname, telephone/fax, home/residence address, e-mail, profession, workplace, IP address, bank card number, card expiration date, etc.

Who are the data subjects?

The data subjects (persons) whose data may be processed by "EXPLOR TUR" SRL, exclusively for the purposes mentioned below are:

Individual clients of "EXPLOR TUR" SRL (current, former, or potential), visitors, the general public, their representatives/agents, legal or conventional;

Consequences of refusing to provide personal data

You, as the data subject, are required to provide complete, updated, and correct data.

To be able to offer you certain specific services of "EXPLOR TUR" SRL activity (e.g., but not limited to, air ticket reservations, accommodation services, tourist packages), "EXPLOR TUR" SRL will request the personal data necessary for providing those services, and refusal to provide such data may result in the impossibility of providing "EXPLOR TUR" SRL services.

When you purchase a service provided by "EXPLOR TUR" SRL, we will collect personal data related to the provision of those services.

By reading these provisions, by providing personal data to access "EXPLOR TUR" SRL services or purchasing air tickets, tourist packages, etc. through "EXPLOR TUR" SRL-owned websites, you have been informed and/or expressly consent (agree) to the processing of personal data in accordance with legal provisions on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data (domestic legislation Law No.133/2011 on the protection of personal data and EU community law-Regulation 2016/679 of 27 April 2016).

If the processing of data is no longer necessary for providing a service, for fulfilling a legal obligation, and is not justified by a legitimate interest of "EXPLOR TUR" SRL, you may refuse such processing or withdraw your previously given consent, the refusal will produce effects for the future. For example, Data subjects can withdraw their consent for data processing for direct marketing, personalized offers, at any time and without having to indicate a reason. Following the processing of the withdrawal request, the data subject will no longer receive commercial information about the services offered by "EXPLOR TUR" SRL.

What are the purposes of collecting personal data?

We use your personal data only for the following purposes:

Conducting the commercial/contractual activity of "EXPLOR TUR" SRL;

Billing and collecting the value of "EXPLOR TUR" SRL services;

Marketing, promotion, advertising, raffles, loyalty programs, including sending general or personalized commercial offers; developing and improving services

Customer relationship management; commercial communication with customers through any means of communication;

Fulfilling legal obligations;

Communication with public authorities/bodies/institutions or public interest;

Audit and control/surveillance activities;

Archiving, statistical purposes;

Debt collection/Recovery of outstanding debts;

Dispute resolution, enforcement of court, arbitral decisions, judicial orders, etc.

"EXPLOR TUR" SRL will consider all information collected from you as confidential and will not share it with third parties (except for business partners, as described below) without your express and prior consent.

Who are the recipients of your personal data?

The recipients of the data can be the persons (subjects) who provided the data, as follows:

Individual clients of "EXPLOR TUR" SRL (current, former, or potential), visitors, the general public, representatives/agents of these, legal or conventional; (for the purpose of conducting commercial/contractual relations);

The recipients (other than the data subjects) of the data can be:

central and local public authorities, judicial authorities, police, (within the limits of legal provisions and/or as a result of expressly formulated requests), banking companies, judicial executors, insurance and reinsurance companies, market research organizations (for statistical purposes) etc.

The confidentiality of personal data will be ensured by "EXPLOR TUR" SRL and will not be provided to other third parties other than those mentioned in this document.

Processing personal data for promotional (marketing) purposes

The personal data provided by you (such as: name and surname, e-mail address, fax number, mobile/landline phone number, etc) may be processed by "EXPLOR TUR" SRL, respecting your rights, especially the right to be informed and to object, for the following purposes: marketing (including direct marketing), contests, raffles, sending commercial communications for "EXPLOR TUR" SRL services, including those developed together with a "EXPLOR TUR" SRL partner, by any means of communication, including through electronic communication services. The personal data provided by you may be used for promotional (marketing) purposes also for products or services of other "EXPLOR TUR" SRL partners, respecting your rights.

If "EXPLOR TUR" SRL intends to use your data for direct marketing purposes, (if the data subjects have opted for this) you will be informed in advance. You may exercise your right to prevent such processing by checking the appropriate boxes on the forms/documents used for collecting personal data.

Regardless of the situation, if you wish for your personal data to no longer be processed by "EXPLOR TUR" SRL, you can explicitly request us to cease any data processing from our side. Also, when you wish to no longer receive newsletters or informational materials from "EXPLOR TUR" SRL, you can unsubscribe using the "Unsubscribe" button.

In the relationship with "EXPLOR TUR" SRL, you benefit, according to the applicable legal provisions, from the following rights: the right to access, the right to rectification, the right to erasure of data, the right to restrict processing, the right to data portability, the right to object, and the right not to be subject to a decision based solely on automated processing.

Duration of processing personal data

To achieve the mentioned purpose, "EXPLOR TUR" SRL will process your personal data for the entire period of contractual relations for the service you accessed, until the moment when you or your legal/contractual representative exercise the right to object/erasure (except when "EXPLOR TUR" SRL processes data based on a legal obligation or justifies a legitimate interest). After the processing operations of personal data, for the purpose for which they were collected, are completed, if you or your legal/contractual representative do not exercise the right to object/erasure, according to the law, these data will be archived by "EXPLOR TUR" SRL for the duration provided in the internal procedures of "EXPLOR TUR" SRL and/or will be destroyed.

What security measures are used to protect your data?

To avoid unauthorized use of personal data, as well as potential abuses, we use security methods and technologies, along with adequate work policies and procedures, to protect the collected personal data.

The complete security of data transmitted over the internet can never be guaranteed. While "EXPLOR TUR" SRL makes every effort to protect your personal data, we cannot absolutely guarantee the security of the data transmitted to "EXPLOR TUR" SRL websites. Any data transmission is at your own risk. Once we receive information about you, we will use strict security procedures and measures against unauthorized, illegal use, destruction, accidental loss, or disclosure of personal data.

Banking data security.

In the case of payments made by card (example: online ticket purchase), the sale is made through online payment solutions offered by authorized third parties in relation to "EXPLOR TUR" SRL. To eliminate the risk of your data being obtained and used abusively/illegally by unauthorized persons, authorized third parties in relation to "EXPLOR TUR" SRL legally guarantee the legality and security of personal data (card number, expiration date, etc.) and the IT systems used.

Conditions for transferring personal data outside the EU and the European Economic Area

Data transfers outside the EU and the European Economic Area can be made only under the conditions provided by the specific national and EU legislation on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data.

What are your rights?

By reading this document, you have been informed about the rights you benefit from, according to the applicable legal provisions, namely: the right to access, the right to rectification, the right to erasure of data, the right to restrict processing, the right to data portability, the right to object, and the right not to be subject to a decision based solely on automated processing. Also, when processing is based on consent, you have the right to withdraw your consent at any time in writing, addressed to "EXPLOR TUR" SRL, under the applicable law, without affecting the legality of processing based on consent before its withdrawal.

Also, you have the right to object at any time, free of charge and without any justification, to the processing of personal data for direct marketing purposes, using, if applicable, the unsubscribe function included in marketing materials.

For other purposes, you have the right to object at any time, free of charge, to the processing of personal data you provided to "EXPLOR TUR" SRL, by mentioning the data and purpose in question, only for substantiated and legitimate reasons related to your particular situation, except for cases where "EXPLOR TUR" SRL demonstrates that it has legitimate and compelling reasons that justify the processing and that prevail over your interests, rights, and freedoms, or that the purpose is to establish, exercise, or defend a right in court. In case of unjustified opposition, "EXPLOR TUR" SRL is entitled to continue processing the data in question.

By reading this document, you have acknowledged and understood that the personal data provided to "EXPLOR TUR" SRL are determining factors for accessing "EXPLOR TUR" SRL services and/or conducting commercial/contractual activity.

If you, directly or through a representative, exercise the above-mentioned rights, in a manifestly unfounded, unjustified, or excessive manner, especially because of their repetitive nature, "EXPLOR TUR" SRL may:

either charge a reasonable fee taking into account the administrative costs of providing information or communication or for taking the requested actions;

either refuse to comply with the request.

Also, if data subjects, directly or through a representative, exercise the right to object in a manifestly unfounded, unjustified, or excessive manner, especially because of their repetitive nature, "EXPLOR TUR" SRL is entitled to terminate the Contract concluded with the "EXPLOR TUR" SRL Client, without any other formalities or court intervention, except for a prior notification.

Also, you are recognized the right to file a complaint with a supervisory authority and to pursue legal remedies.

How can you exercise your rights?

To exercise these rights, you can address the Personal Data Specialist within "EXPLOR TUR" SRL with a written request, dated and signed to the email address: data.protection@explor.md or to the following correspondence address: "EXPLOR TUR", Chişinău, Centru sector, 31 August 1989 St., No. 64. A legible copy of the identity document of the signatory will be attached to the request.

These provisions may undergo occasional modifications/updates. We recommend that you check the present provisions at each use of "EXPLOR TUR" SRL websites, to always be informed about them. By accessing "EXPLOR TUR" SRL websites or using "EXPLOR TUR" SRL services through the mentioned websites, after the modifications, the new provisions will be considered accepted.

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