Group offer

Traveling with family, friends or colleagues?

Group offer

Do you want to travel with family, friends, colleagues or business partners? Whatever your companions, group trips are always a good idea, but they require careful planning.


How about organizing a group trip and actually enjoying it?


We know that booking flight tickets for a large number of people can be an overwhelming process, but don't worry.


We help you!

What is the group offer?
Travel together without worries

The group offer involves an offer adapted to the needs of the customer who books on behalf of the entire group. It benefits from extra attention paid in the planning of the round trip, regarding: the number of reservations, passenger preferences, budget, luggage, check-in, etc.


Group booking guarantees flexible terms and conditions. Depending on the terms of the contract, you can cancel free of charge from 10% to 20% of the number of reserved seats up to 6 weeks before departure. In addition, you can change the passenger list for free until a predetermined date.

Benefits of the group offer:
Extra attention for each individual member
Flight selection assistance

We will choose the most suitable journey, at the date and time convenient for the passengers, with checked baggage or hand luggage only. We will take care of the needs of each of you.

Booking tickets

We will book and issue the plane tickets for the entire team. We will make sure that the data is entered correctly and we will spare you the unnecessary worries of making a mistake or forgetting someone.

Suport 24/7 agents are at your disposal 24/7 from the time of booking until the destination. If you have questions or encounter unforeseen situations, contact us.

Online check-in

We will check-in online for everyone free of charge at the right time, and this will save you additional payments at the airport (€20-€30 per person).

Explanation of the route

If you have chosen a flight with a stopover, we will take care to explain the route to you so that you do not miss a flight or forget your luggage.

Choosing adjacent seats

If you want the most fun flight possible, we can arrange adjacent seats on the plane for your whole gang.

Electronic tickets

Once booked, we will send the tickets to your email addresses, so you always have them at hand.

Bonus Points

Once registered on you benefit from a 25 EURO welcome gift and 1% cashback from each subsequent transaction.

Car rental

A shared car to get around on a daily basis is a much more affordable alternative to traveling by public transport or taxi.

Transfer from/to the airport

We provide you with a private transport service with accredited carriers and compact, business or VIP vehicles.

Exchange of passengers

It is not necessary to provide us with passenger details at the time of booking. In addition, you can change the passenger list for free until a predetermined date.

Free cancellation

You can cancel free of charge from 10% to 20% of the number of reserved seats, up to 6 weeks before departure.

Group booking information

If you are a large group, we recommend that you do multiple reservations of a maximum of 9 people.


Reservations of 10 people or more required additional confirmation from the airline and can incur additional charges.


Don't forget to check the number of free seats on the plane in advance (the earlier you do it, the higher the availability). If you are traveling with children, please ensure that an adult guardian is included in each booking.


For example, if you will be 10 passengers (8 adults and 2 children), then we recommend that you make two reservations – one for 6 adults and one for 2 adults and 2 children.


Fill out the form below if you need assistance and want us to set up your travel arrangements with the airline on your behalf.
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