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CHOOSE TO FLY SMART WITH! is a site that allows the purchase of plane tickets online, based on the revolutionary technology of virtual connections, with an emphasis on quality customer service.

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After implementing the fastest and most convenient methods of booking and procuring plane tickets, here, for the first time in Romania, introduces a unique algorithm that allows customers to combine, in -a single itinerary, flights from airlines that do not have bilateral agreements.


In addition to the fact that this service facilitates technical procedures, it means, most of the time , significant savings for its customers.

So let's delve into 'how Smart Connections work'?

Currently, more than 600 important airlines are active worldwide, dedicated to the transport of passengers. Some of them operate individually, others choose the way of partnership with similar companies, in order to present beneficiaries with as many destinations as possible. Unfortunately, Low-Cost companies do not form alliances with major airlines, which considerably reduces the number of combinations available for travelers.


And this is where the Intelligent Connections mission starts { {configSiteName}}, - to make the respective connection between the offers of the airlines and to propose almost unlimited flight combinations to the passengers. Everything is possible thanks to our online flight ticket search system. With the launch of the 'Smart Connections' system, we found that we provide our beneficiaries with flights that are on average 28% cheaper than those on the market, and, in some cases, we can offer plane tickets at a reduced price with 90%.

How is it possible for to offer unique combinations of itineraries at minimum prices?

We collect, in real time, data from countless regular and low-cost airlines and store it in our database, which is remarkable for its volume. Several filtering systems with a sophisticated analysis algorithm process this data, thus giving rise to the intelligent aspect of flights. A person in the field would need several days to find the optimal combination of flights and connections that would meet your needs... with it is enough to fill in the desired destinations and flight dates, and our unique, state-of-the-art algorithm, It takes on the task of searching for you. For a few seconds, the system shows you the best offers that you can benefit from. In any destination on the world map.

In case of flight delay or cancellation... what do I do?

In the event that one or more flights are cancelled, rescheduled or delayed, the Guarantee ensures that a reasonable alternative flight is provided so that passengers can reach their destination, free of charge!
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