We are glad to welcome you to the corporate clients page!

If your business involves frequent travel, you need a partner who will take care of all the details for you. Here, we are dedicated to providing personalized service and unique advantages to our corporate clients.


We, the team Zbor.md, we are committed to finding the best flight options for you and your team. Leave your travel worries to us, and you focus on your business.

Advantages of corporate clients at Zbor.md
24/7 customer support
We want every trip to be as pleasant and hassle-free as possible for our corporate customers. That's why we offer customer support around the clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our team of specialists answers any question or problem in the shortest possible time.
Tax bill
Corporate clients need detailed reports on their travels for tax and accounting purposes. That is why we offer the possibility of obtaining tax invoices for any transaction, at any time and in the preferred format. Thus, you can be sure that the necessary documents are always at hand.
Various payment methods
You can choose the payment method that suits you best, depending on your company's financial policy. We offer payment options by invoice or corporate card, and all payments are secure to guarantee the safety and confidentiality of financial information.
Optimized time
We know that time is an essential factor for business. That is why we have created a simple and fast booking process for any service. In addition, corporate clients benefit from a dedicated agent who provides them with personalized support at any time and responds promptly to any request.
Bonus Program
Upon registration, new customers receive a welcome gift of 25 euros, and then receive 1% cash-back of the value of each transaction. The accumulated money can be used in the form of discounts when purchasing future air tickets. To reward loyal customers, we offer gift vouchers worth 10-15 euros, several times a year.
Free check-in service
To make your trip as easy and stress-free as possible, we offer free check-in service for any flight. Thus, you can save time and invest your work and attention in your business. Check-in will be carried out by the Zbor24.ro for all passengers, and boarding passes will be sent to the electronic address in due course.
Personalized services
We create a personalized travel plan, tailored to the needs and preferences of our customers. In addition, we offer additional services such as choosing your preferred seat on the aircraft, pet travel, baggage options, medical and baggage insurance, attendants, Meet & Assist, Fast Track, etc.
Group offer
Do you organize business trips for several employees or groups of customers? We can handle all the travel data of all passengers for you. We will choose the preferred seats on the aircraft, consider the preferences of each traveler individually and take care that all flight formalities are carried out on time.
Smart connections
If your chosen destination involves a flight with stopovers, our team can help you organize your flights in an efficient way. We will choose together the right flight solution, without long stopovers, so that you save money on accommodation and arrive rested at your destination.
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