Baggage Insurance Terms

    1. The INSURANCE CONTRACTOR/INSURED pays the INSURER the insurance premium, and the INSURER, in the event of an insured case, pays the BENEFICIARY the insurance compensation under the value, term, and conditions stipulated in the Insurance Contract, concluded in compliance with the legislation of the Republic of Moldova in force and the Insurer's Insurance Terms.
    2. The insurance BENEFICIARY: the passenger, the owner of the Baggage.
    3. The Insurer undertakes the obligation to insure the Beneficiary's Baggage, which is transported by air by the Airline Company.
    4. Characteristics of the transported cargo:
      Insured baggage: the total of tourist baggage (including its contents, with respect to the exclusions specified in chap. 10 of this Contract) closed with a zipper or lid (travel bag, suitcase, trunk, trolley), intended for transporting items with a combined weight of more than 5 kilograms, with which the Beneficiary travels during the air flight period.
      • type of transport and transport characteristics – air, according to the air ticket;
      • the flight number - according to the air ticket;
      • departure date - according to the air ticket;
      • transport route - according to the air ticket.
    5. The decision to pay compensation will be issued no later than 15 days from the presentation of all confirmatory documents.
    1. The insured object is the BENEFICIARY's patrimonial interests, which do not contravene the legislation of the Republic of Moldova, related to the possession, use, and disposal of the Baggage, in the process of its transportation by Air Operators according to the air ticket, by air.
    2. The insurance contract is concluded for one baggage transportation.
    1. In accordance with the Insurer's Terms, according to the Insurance Contract, the Insurer provides compensation for damages caused to the insured travel baggage by the following risks, during the Insured Period:
      • Loss, destruction, or damage to baggage, in the custody of the carrier (the period between the boarding time, confirmed by the transport company, and the collection of the baggage from the transport company, during a journey with the air transport),
      • Theft of baggage through burglary or robbery acts, declared as such by the competent state institutions.
    1. Validity of the Insurance Contract: the period of Baggage transportation by Air Operators according to the air ticket, by air.
    2. The Insurer's liability begins from the moment the Baggage is handed over to the transport organization from the departure point and continues throughout the entire transportation period (including, as understood by the parties, the time for reloading and transshipment, as well as storage at the warehouses at the reloading and transshipment points) until the Baggage arrives at the destination.
    3. The insurance policy is an integral part of the Insurance Contract.
    1. The baggage, under the Insurance Contract, is insured within the limit of the Insurer's liability.
    2. The maximum compensation limit is 1,450 EUR/person/event and in total for the Insurance Period, as follows:
      • Lost baggage – a compensation of 20 EUR/kg is granted, max. 25 kg;
      • Stolen baggage – a compensation of max. 450 EUR is granted depending on the market price of the items in the respective baggage;
      • Damaged baggage - a compensation of max. 250 EUR is granted depending on the market price of the items in the respective baggage;
      The Beneficiary is obliged to present confirmatory documents (receipt, invoice, signed and stamped cash voucher, etc.) showing the BENEFICIARY's ownership right over the goods contained in the declared lost baggage;
    3. The deductible does not apply.
    1. The insurance premium is set at 2 EURO.
    2. The insurance premium is paid in full, upon concluding the Insurance Contract by bank transfer or in cash in MDL, according to the official rate set by the NBM on the day of payment.
    1. The Insurer undertakes:
      • to familiarize the INSURANCE CONTRACTOR/INSURED/BENEFICIARY with the Insurance Terms;
      • to carry out the insurance of the transported Baggage in accordance with the Terms and the current legislation of the RM;
      • not to disclose information about the INSURANCE CONTRACTOR/INSURED/BENEFICIARY and his financial situation, except in cases provided by the legislation of the Republic of Moldova;
      • upon the Beneficiary's right to receive insurance compensation, to make the payment within 30 days from the presentation by the Beneficiary of all documents in the amount established as a result of completed investigations.
    2. The Insurer has the right: to partially or completely refuse recovery of the damage in cases provided by the Insurance Terms and the conditions of the Insurance Contract.
      • to timely pay the Insurer the insurance premium established by the insurance contract;
    4. The BENEFICIARY is obliged:
      • to present to the Insurer, upon request, any documents confirming the transportation of the cargo during the term of this contract;
      • to inform the Insurer about all insurance contracts concluded or in the process of being concluded concerning the respective insurance object;
      • to transfer the right of subrogation to the Insurer;
      • to inform the Insurer immediately, as soon as he becomes aware, of any event that denotes the specific characteristics of an insured case.
    5. The BENEFICIARY has the right:
      • to receive insurance compensation, provided all provisions of the Insurance Contract and the Terms are respected.
    1. In the event of an insured case, the BENEFICIARY is obliged:
      • to personally, immediately present themselves at the Lost Baggage office within the airport, in case after disembarkation they do not find their baggage in the designated baggage recovery area;
      • to fill in the special forms with the requested information (personal data, route, baggage details) for the recovery of travel baggage;
      • to notify the competent state institutions immediately or as soon as possible, but no later than 24 hours from the occurrence of the event in case they are a victim of baggage theft;
      • in the event of an insured Event through the Policy, the BENEFICIARY is obliged to notify the Insurer within 48 hours from the occurrence of the insured event or 3 working days from returning to the country;
    2. The BENEFICIARY must communicate to the Insurer, all the information he knows regarding the occurrence of the insured event and to provide him with any document he holds in connection with it.
    1. The amount of compensation will not exceed the compensation limit set by the Insurance Contract based on confirmatory acts/documents;
    2. The BENEFICIARY may request compensation for the theft of the baggage only if it has not been recovered within 30 days from the date of the insured Event. If the baggage is recovered after the compensation has been collected, the BENEFICIARY is obliged to notify and to return the received insurance compensation, within a maximum of 10 days from the date of recovery.
    3. The compensation claim will be accompanied by the following documents:
      • the BENEFICIARY's declaration regarding the occurrence of the insured event;
      • the form filled out at the destination airport's baggage claim office (Lost&Found);
      • the transport ticket for the journey during which the insured events occurred, with the baggage check-in ticket involved in the insured Event;
      • in case of lost baggage: written notification from the transport company that it has ceased searching for the baggage and considers it definitively lost;
      • in case of stolen baggage: a document proving the registration of the incident and a copy of the complaint filed by the BENEFICIARY with the competent state institutions;
      • The insurance policy;
      • any other documents necessary for resolving the claim.
    4. In case the theft, loss, or damage of the baggage represents an insured Event according to this Contract, the Insurer will pay the due amounts within 15 working days from the date of submission of the last document necessary for resolving the claim file.
    In addition to the exclusions provided in the Insurance Terms for transported cargoes, the Insurer does not provide compensation for:
    1. baggage intended for transporting items with a combined weight of less than 5 kilograms including, for example, shoulder bags, belt bags, purses, bags, pouches;
    2. baggage not transported on the same journey with the BENEFICIARY;
    3. theft/loss of baggage in the territories of the countries where the BENEFICIARY holds citizenship, domicile, or residence;
    4. any claim for compensation in connection with the occurrence of insured events, in the situation where the BENEFICIARY has not filed a complaint with the transport company, within a maximum of 24 hours from the discovery and for which an official written report has not been issued;
    5. fragile items, cash or coins of any kind or species (including collections or single pieces of numismatic value), checks, titles and bonds of any kind, documents, travel tickets, stamp collections, and jewelry, paintings, sculptures, jewelry, watches, precious objects/artistic/scientific/historical value items in general, as well as any materials or items whose transport is not accepted by passenger transport regulations;
    6. the content of the baggage consisting of fur clothes, perishable/food items, winter sports equipment, items used in specialized fields such as: medical equipment, technical articles or accessories, professional equipment, electronics, musical instruments, mobile phones, contact lenses, prostheses/orthoses;
    7. delays in baggage recovery in situations where the BENEFICIARY is not allowed to travel (boarding is denied or they are disembarked before takeoff/departure) after depositing the baggage for transport;
    8. baggage retained by authorities, baggage delays due to actions of the police/customs authorities or other authorized bodies to retain them;
    9. baggage stolen due to the BENEFICIARY's negligence;
    10. baggage left unattended in open spaces (balconies, corridors, terraces);
    11. damages caused by strikes by the transport company employees, airports/bus stations/train stations/ports, security agents, customs officers;
    12. financial losses and consequential damages (e.g., lack of use of goods).
    1. All claims and disputes between the Insurer and the INSURANCE CONTRACTOR/INSURED/BENEFICIARY are settled through negotiations.
    2. In case of failure of negotiations between the parties, all claims and disputes between the Insurer and the INSURANCE CONTRACTOR/INSURED/BENEFICIARY are settled in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Moldova.
    3. Claims may be submitted within the statute of limitations period, established by the legislation of the Republic of Moldova, from the moment of entering into the right of subrogation.
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