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Batumi, located on the shores of the Black Sea, is one of the most popular resort cities in Georgia, attracting tourists with its unique appearance, mild climate, and picturesque landscapes. This beautiful city combines elements of ancient history, modern architecture, and a rich cultural heritage.

Batumi is famous for its beaches, where guests can enjoy the warm sea and sunny beach relaxation. Adjara beaches, such as Batumi Beach, Sherif Khimshi, and Koba Tskhakaia, attract many vacationers with their cleanliness and beauty.

The city is also known for its architectural landmarks, including many modern buildings such as the Batumi Hilton Hotel, the futuristic Chariot, and the Ferris wheel building. Additionally, Batumi's old town offers an extensive collection of ancient buildings, streets, and squares, preserving the atmosphere of the old city.

Batumi is also renowned for its numerous museums and galleries, such as the Adjara State Museum and the Art Gallery. These institutions feature a rich collection of historical artifacts, artworks, and cultural exhibits.

The culinary scene of Batumi is diverse and delicious, offering a wide selection of traditional Georgian dishes and international culinary trends. The city's restaurants, cafes, and cozy bistros delight guests with their atmosphere and exquisite dishes.

Batumi is a city that exudes a unique atmosphere and beauty; its natural wealth and cultural heritage make it an attractive destination for relaxation and travel.