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TAROM Airlines

Overview and Strengths

Here are some key characteristics and strengths of the company:

  1. Safety: TAROM prioritizes flight safety and adheres to the highest safety standards in the aviation industry.
  2. Rich Experience: Since its inception, TAROM has accumulated a wealth of experience in air transportation, serving both domestic and international routes.
  3. Route Network: TAROM offers a wide selection of destinations, connecting Romania with various countries in Europe and other parts of the world.
  4. Service Quality: The company aims to provide a high level of passenger service both on board and on the ground, offering comfortable travel conditions.
  5. Professionalism of Crew: TAROM crews consist of experienced and professional staff ready to ensure the safety and comfort of passengers during flights.
  6. Modernized Fleet: The company continually updates its fleet, introducing modern and efficient aircraft to ensure the safety and comfort of passengers.
  7. Loyalty Program: TAROM offers a loyalty program to its frequent flyers, allowing them to accumulate points and receive various privileges.