What to do if your luggage is lost. Passenger guide.

What to do if your luggage is lost. Passenger guide.

A passenger who inadvertently "got stuck" at the airport last year shared that in case of a flight delay, the first step is to contact the representatives of the airline whose tickets you purchased.

The airline is obligated to provide you with food and drinks, and if necessary (in case of a lengthy delay), even accommodation in a hotel, at the company's expense. However, you must inform the company that defects in its operation have caused the inconvenience you are experiencing at the airport. If it is evident that the flight will be delayed for at least 2 hours, passengers can purchase drinks, and if the wait exceeds 4 hours, then food as well. In this case, the fact of the flight delay must be documented, and all receipts for expenses must be retained. They need to be attached to the application for reimbursement of expenses.

It often happens that luggage is lost during the flight. Many passengers believe that important items should not be left in checked baggage. This conclusion is based on my own experience when luggage was delivered several days late. In such cases, it is recommended to file a complaint with the baggage handling department, insisting on subsequently providing a copy to the airline's office. If the passenger has to purchase essential items, they must keep all receipts, according to which the airline will compensate for all incurred expenses.

The passenger can take the following actions:

1) In the event of a flight delay:

- Clarify with a competent airport staff member the reason for the delay and the approximate departure time;

- Contact a representative of the relevant airline;

- Passengers with children under 7 years old can request a mother and child room;

- In case of a delay of up to 2 hours, refreshments can be requested;

- In case of a delay of up to 3 hours, passengers should also be provided with meals;

- A delay exceeding 5 hours allows passengers to demand monetary compensation;

- A delay of more than 6 hours requires passengers to be accommodated in a hotel.

2) In case of flight cancellation:

- If the reason is not force majeure circumstances and the passenger was not notified of the cancellation in advance (within 14 days), the passenger may demand compensation;

- The airline representative must stamp the ticket to confirm the flight cancellation directly on the ticket;

- They must also offer the passenger a replacement ticket or provide a seat on a similar flight;

- If there is no similar flight that day, the passenger will be provided with meals and transportation airport-hotel-airport;

- If necessary, compensation or a full refund of the ticket price can be demanded.

3) In case of baggage loss:

- Before leaving the hall, you must contact the Lost & Found baggage service, whose representatives will assist you in drawing up a report on the loss, which will include baggage tag codes, descriptions of the lost items, and the address to which they should be delivered upon discovery;

- Then you need to buy all the essentials, keeping the payment receipts to later present them;

- Upon discovery of the baggage at the airline office, a compensation claim is submitted along with the receipts;

- Baggage is officially considered lost after 21 days from the date of the request;

- If the loss of baggage or its improper condition is confirmed, the airline is obliged to pay compensation, the amount of which can reach $50 per kilogram.

4) If the number of tickets sold exceeds the number of seats:

- It is advisable for passengers to check in at least an hour before departure to avoid this risk;

- Each passenger who did not use the flight due to such an error can claim compensation in the amount of: 250 euros (for flights up to 1500 miles) or 400 euros for flights within the European Union or beyond. If the flight distance exceeds these limits, the passenger will be compensated 600 euros;

- In addition to the compensation received, the passenger will either receive a refund of the full ticket price or be provided with services for an equivalent flight. In some cases, meals and accommodation in a hotel are included;

- Compensation is not provided if the flight is replaced by an equivalent one within 2-4 hours.