Payment Methods at Zbor.md

Payment Methods at Zbor.md

Zbor.md agency offers a variety of payment methods to ensure a convenient and accessible experience for its customers. Whether you opt for a quick reservation or prefer to pay comfortably, there is always a suitable solution for you.

1. Payment terminal: You can easily pay using various payment terminals available, including B-Pay, Run Pay, and Qiwi. These are convenient options for those who prefer to make physical payments, offering speed and security.

2. At the bank counter: For those who prefer the traditional payment process at the counter, Zbor.md accepts payments through trusted banks such as Victoriabank, MAIB, and Moldincombank. This provides customers with a familiar and comfortable alternative for conducting transactions.

3. At the Moldova Post Office: If you prefer to pay in a more traditional way or use postal services, you can opt for payment at the Moldova Post Office branches. This is a convenient option for those who prefer to handle personal payments directly through trusted institutions.

4. With online card: For those who appreciate the convenience of online payments, Zbor.md accepts card payments through popular platforms such as Apple Pay and Google Pay. These payment methods are ideal for those who prefer to make quick and secure transactions remotely.

5. Cash or card 
only in lei at the officeonly in lei at the office: At the agency's physical offices, you have the option to pay in cash or by card, but only in the national currency, lei. This provides flexibility for local customers or those who prefer to handle payments in the local currency.

6. Bank transfer: For those who wish to make payments through bank transfers, Zbor.md accepts this payment method. It is a suitable option for customers who prefer to manage transactions through bank accounts, offering a secure and convenient way to pay.

Regardless of your preferences or circumstances, Zbor.md ensures that you have access to a variety of flexible payment methods to simplify your flight booking and ticket purchasing experience.

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