Mistakes to avoid when going on vacation. Recommendations from those with thousands of travels.

Mistakes to avoid when going on vacation. Recommendations from those with thousands of travels.

Below, we offer you to read some mistakes to avoid when preparing for vacation:

1. Don't plan your vacation in advance. While spontaneous adventures can sometimes evoke many wonderful emotions, constantly facing such situations is too risky, especially if you plan to visit more remote places. Choose your destination in advance and inform yourself accordingly. You will find plenty of photos, reviews, and details online.

2. A pre-planned vacation will allow you to take advantage of better prices. Airplane ticket prices always increase closer to the flight date, and hotels are often fully booked during the season.

3. Let's be straightforward, a pre-planned vacation eliminates pre-departure worries and rushed choices. You'll have time to prepare properly and save some money.

4. Try not to have too high expectations. Often, the places we visit do not match the thousands of photos of white sand and blue sea we find online.

5. You're planning too many activities—you've spent a lot of money on the hotel and flight, so you want to make the most of your destination, filling your days from morning till night or until the first sunrise. Allocate time for unplanned activities that may arise—delayed flights, bad weather, etc.

6. You budgeted for too little for the vacation—but you'll have to think about expenses for baggage, airport food if you have to spend several hours before the next flight, various travel taxes, currency exchange losses.

7. You're packing too many things in your luggage, thinking "what if..." (it rains, it's hot, etc.). Choose outfits in which you feel comfortable. Vacation is a time to relax, so you won't want to wake up with sore feet. Don't buy the most beautiful pair of shoes in the collection. You risk wearing them out too quickly during daily walks of 10–15 km.

8. Don't read others' opinions about the destination—read about the hotel, tours, what transport and payment methods are available to you. This way, you'll know what and how even before you arrive and may even save money.

9. Don't forget to leave space in your luggage—you may want to buy a hat, clothes, or souvenirs for friends. If your suitcase is full to the brim, you won't have space to put these items, and you'll have to pay additional fees at the airport for extra luggage.

Vacation planning should energize you and leave you in a good mood.

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