Fly with your pet.

Fly with your pet.

Required documents:

  • Pet passport;
  • Health certificate;
  • Vaccination certificate.

In addition, the pet must be electronically identified with a transponder (microchip) or have a visible tattoo. According to the conditions, the animal must be clean, healthy, harmless, not pregnant, and not disturb other passengers. Booking for the pet must be made at least 24 hours before departure using a special PETC code and must include the weight and dimensions of the pet. It must be placed in a suitable cage allowing it to sit in a natural position, have the ability to turn around, lie down, except for guide dogs. Transportation is only in the cabin, not in the cargo hold.

Details depending on the airline:

Booking with Turkish Airlines must be confirmed at least six hours before the scheduled departure time of the flight. After confirmation of booking and payment of the transportation cost, you can follow special procedures from the transportation department for your pet.

The total weight of the pet and the cage must not exceed 8 kg. The height, width, and length of the cage must not exceed 23 cm, 30 cm, and 40 cm respectively. Regardless of whether the case has a hard surface or a soft construction, it must be specially designed for transporting pets. The cage must have ventilation holes with a diameter of at least 2.5 cm on at least three sides.

Animals that are not allowed:

  • American Pit Bull Terrier;
  • American Staffordshire Terrier;
  • Pit Bull Terrier;
  • Japanese Tosa;
  • Argentine Dogo;
  • Fila Brasileiro;
  • American Bully.


When purchasing a ticket, the passenger must inform the agent of the intention to travel with pets. An additional fee of 70 euros is charged for transporting animals, so the total weight of animals, food, and their containers is not included in the limit of free baggage weight. The total weight of the container allowed for transportation must not exceed 8 kg and 115 cm (50 x 40 x 25).


The maximum total size must not exceed 115 cm (25 x 40 x 50) and not exceed 8 kg. The cage must be securely fastened and made of a waterproof material that cannot be easily destroyed by the animal inside. Cardboard boxes for cats are NOT suitable for air transportation.

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