Features of air travel with children

Features of air travel with children

Many parents are afraid to fly with young children for various reasons. If it's an infant, parents worry that the flight could worsen their health condition or cause illness. For children aged 2-11, parents often wonder whether their child can handle a long flight without experiencing nausea or getting bored.

In reality, flying with children is not uncommon, and modern airlines have long established rules for transporting children, ensuring a comfortable and safe journey for them.

Infants and children under 2 years old

Flying with children under 1 year old was relatively impractical until recently, as many planes were not equipped with suitable facilities. Today, airlines have everything necessary to accommodate your children. However, certain age restrictions still apply: if your child is less than 7 days old, it's not recommended to take them on board.

If flying is absolutely necessary, you'll need to provide a consent form agreeing that the airline won't be held responsible for any health consequences of the flight for your child. You'll need to provide two copies of this form, one to keep and one to be sent to the check-in agent at the airport.

Children under 2 years old are entitled to travel for free if they don't occupy a separate seat on the plane for domestic flights. This means you won't have to pay for the child, but you'll need to hold them during the flight.

For international flights, children under 2 years old who don't occupy a separate seat will need to pay 10% of the ticket price.

If you're traveling with multiple children, tickets for the second and third child will be charged at special child rates (usually offering discounts of 25-50%), providing separate seats and free baggage allowance (with weight limitations) and a stroller.

Special cradles for children.

Airlines offer the option of using a child's cradle during transport. These swings are attached to the backs of seats.

The stroller can be used until boarding the aircraft, and then it will be sent to checked baggage. If you're checking the stroller with your baggage, ask if you can also be provided with a temporary stroller at the airport.

Before the flight, it's advisable to call the carrier's information desk to inquire about cradles and strollers.

Today, airlines offer the option of transporting a child in a child seat if you have one. The seat must be located by the window on a bench no larger than 40x40 cm. If these conditions cannot be met, the installation of a child seat is not allowed.

Before and during the flight

When purchasing plane tickets, don't forget to indicate that you're traveling with a child. You'll need to have all documents confirming the child's age with you. Remember that you should be offered the most comfortable and safe seats on board (in the front row or at the beginning of the cabin) if the plane isn't fully booked, the crew should leave seats in front of you vacant.

Make sure to bring a bottle of milk on board if your child is not breastfeeding.

It's worth noting that on many routes, you may be offered special meals for children, but you should inquire about this at least a few days before departure.

If you have baby food with you, check with the flight attendant in advance if they can warm it up.

We recommend changing your child's diapers immediately before the flight. Special facilities for this purpose are available in all modern airports. During takeoff and landing, your child's ears may pop; we recommend having a bottle or a pacifier with them during these stages of the flight.

Children aged 2 to 12

Children in this age group are transported at special rates, providing separate seats and free baggage allowance according to established rules.

Booking plane tickets in advance is necessary, as only then can you be offered adjacent seats.

Today, all airlines offer special meals for children on board.

It's worth noting that children's meals classified as special meals may not be available on all routes, so you need to inquire about this in advance. You can check the list of routes offering this service on the carriers' websites. Children's meals must be ordered in advance.

After reading this article, you'll surely understand that flying with a child can be done in the most comfortable conditions.