Classes of service on an airplane. What are they and what is the difference?

Classes of service on an airplane. What are they and what is the difference?

First Class

First class is not available on all routes - it is mainly characteristic of transatlantic routes. Each airline strives to make this type of class as comfortable as possible, so in addition to seats that recline to 180° or small sofas, more and more companies are equipping planes with real beds that are located in separate compartments.

First-class passengers also have access to corresponding services: while waiting for the flight, they can spend time in a comfortable lounge, go through expedited check-in either at specially designated terminals or without queuing, and reach the plane in business class. They may be provided with a business-class car or limousine. Drinks and meals are offered from a diverse menu, and the friendly and attentive staff will satisfy all passengers' whims. The price of a first-class ticket exceeds the price of an economy-class ticket by eight to fifteen times!

Business Class

An alternative to first class (in those airplanes where it is absent) is business class, introduced by KLM in 1976.

It should be noted that the difference between business class and economy class (on some airlines, more often on domestic flights) lies only in the food and more attentive service.

Business class seats come in the following types:

  • recline to just 160°, with seat widths of 44-86 cm and seat pitch of 84-202 cm;
  • recline to 180°, with seat widths of 46-58 cm and seat pitch of 140-170 cm;
  • convert into a 180° mini-sofa, parallel to the floor.
  • Drinks, meals, and internet access are included in the ticket price. Before check-in, passengers have the opportunity to relax in a comfortable lounge, and check-in itself either occurs at a separate counter or in a separate terminal.
  • Business-class passengers are escorted to the aircraft door separately from passengers of other classes. Typically, the price of a business-class ticket exceeds the cost of an economy-class ticket by three to five times.
  • Passengers also have the option to change the flight date for free, and in case of flight cancellation, receive a full refund of the ticket price.

Economy Class

Usually, economy class is located in the middle or rear of the aircraft and is the cheapest compared to the two previous classes. Seat widths range from 43 to 46.4 cm, and the seat pitch can vary depending on the type of route the aircraft operates - regional or international. On regional routes, it ranges from 74 to 81 cm, and on international routes, from 75 to 91 cm, with seat pitch ranging from 74 to 91 cm.

Services and amenities in economy class depend on each individual airline, but each seat should be equipped with a folding tray table and a pocket for the safety card and in-flight magazine.

On long-haul flights, passengers are provided with blankets and pillows, earplugs, headphones, and a hygiene kit. Food depends on the airline.

On short-haul flights, passengers are offered non-alcoholic drinks, tea, and coffee.

We wish you a pleasant flight!