Can you fly on an airplane while pregnant?

Can you fly on an airplane while pregnant?

Can pregnant women fly on airplanes?

Can pregnant women travel? It's strictly individual and depends on how the pregnancy is progressing, the stage of pregnancy, and the overall health condition of the woman.

Certainly, the question of whether pregnant women can travel by plane doesn't always have a straightforward answer. It's entirely individual and depends on how the pregnancy progresses, the stage of pregnancy, and the overall health condition of the woman.

According to some doctors, the use of air transport is not recommended if the pregnancy has not exceeded 12 weeks. Firstly, there is a high risk of miscarriage, and secondly (for those suffering from toxemia) - these will not be the most pleasant hours of life.

If the pregnancy is more than 28 weeks, it is also advisable to refrain from flights. This period is characterized by the body preparing for childbirth, and therefore, there is a risk that exercises to prepare for childbirth will turn into real contractions. Also, the appearance of edema, varicose veins during this period should be taken into account, and if you consider the overloads during takeoff and landing - however, you should also consider the advice of doctors.

If the pregnancy has passed the first trimester, and there is still plenty of time before childbirth, and the woman feels fine, the doctor will most likely wish her a pleasant journey.

Regarding the question of whether pregnant women are allowed to travel by plane, doctors pay attention to several aspects, such as pressure changes (they can cause rupture of the fetal membrane), insufficient oxygen content, and relatively dry air in the aircraft cabin. Also, stress and fear caused by the flight and uncomfortable seats for the expectant mother should be considered. It should also be noted that, although hypothetical, there is still a risk associated with solar radiation. All these factors are present, but do not play an imperative role for those who need to travel by plane.

Of course, it is undesirable for pregnant women to fly if the pregnancy is not going well (placental pathology, anemia, hypertension, as well as other symptoms).

Airline Rules

Each airline handles the transportation of pregnant women individually. For example, there are companies that allow flying without presenting the corresponding certificate up to 36 weeks. If the pregnancy is longer, a document certified by a gynecologist allowing the flight is required (remember that it is necessary to visit a specialist no later than a week before departure).

But as for all the restrictions or features related to the transportation of pregnant women, you should find out about them in advance in the company whose services you intend to use.

If you still have to fly...

What if I am pregnant? But I still need to fly! - someone will say.

To make the flight as comfortable as possible - choose seats at the front of the cabin (the last rows are undesirable due to a lack of fresh air). Business class will offer you wide seats, and in economy class, you can reserve a seat in the first row or next to the aisle.

Clothing should be appropriate - loose, comfortable clothing that does not restrict movement is welcome. You can also take a pillow with you and put it under your head. You can ask the flight attendant for a blanket on your back. Compression stockings will also not hurt (to prevent swelling).

Also, remember that the seat belt is best fastened under the abdomen. To not "tire out" your legs and not "press" the lower part of the body, you need to walk through the cabin every 30 minutes - in this case, the flight time will pass faster.

Pregnant women suffering from aerophobia are allowed to take sedatives in the plane.

Have a pleasant flight!