The coolest place on the plane is by the window.

During flight, the temperature outside the wing can drop to -65 degrees Celsius, leading to the cooling of the fuselage. If you want to enjoy the earthly landscapes from the window, don't forget to dress appropriately, especially in summer when T-shirts and shorts are in fashion.

The fold-down tray table and the seatback pocket are the dirtiest places on the plane.

A considerable portion of the trash collected during the flight ends up in the seatback pocket, and here's the surprise! It's not cleaned as deeply as you think (or want!). The truth about the fold-down tray table is even harsher: flight attendants admit that these tables are rarely used for anything more exotic than changing diapers for children. So it's a good idea to have wet wipes handy, avoid placing food outside the food tray, and, yes, refrain from putting personal items in the seatback pockets.

Tea and coffee: best to avoid.

Drinking water used to make beverages (tea, coffee, etc.) may contain harmful bacteria (such as E. coli) or even the notorious golden staph. These conclusions were drawn by experts after laboratory tests on various beverages offered by different aviation companies.

Where can you expect the best service? Right at the back!

How is this explained? The flight attendants themselves reveal: it's easier to bring an extra serving of food, a bottle of water, headphones, or other amenities requested by passengers in the rear rows without being noticed by passengers in front, meaning not getting stuck with the same guy's requests. So, by choosing a seat farther back, you "risk" being more accessible to flight attendants and, consequently, more pampered.

If we talk about the back of the plane, it's the safest place (or rather, the least unsafe) in the event of an aviation disaster. According to a study conducted by the publication "Vremya", seats located at the back of the plane had the lowest mortality rate over time (32%) compared to seats in the middle (39%) and those located at the front of the plane (38%).

The best time for takeoff is in the morning.

If you can choose when to fly, opt for morning flights. In the morning, the likelihood of race delays is lower, and even the most aerophobic individuals won't be as stressed because, as experts say, turbulence is less common during morning hours. And yes, the morning in the plane is cleaner, if you recall fold-down tray tables or seatback pockets, for that matter.

The air you breathe during the flight comes from... the engine.

Actually, it's compressed air from the engine. A significant portion of the air (from a quarter to half) reaches the cabin, and the rest is for the passengers. The air exits the plane through a small opening in the rear fuselage.

Don't fully inflate your travel pillow.

When taking a travel pillow with you, remember the laws of physics. If fully inflated, it can burst due to the pressure difference in the plane. To avoid such surprises, the pillow should remain slightly deflated.

Don't forget your own headphones.

The headphones provided by flight attendants upon request are not new. They are simply cleaned and neatly packaged for new passengers. Therefore, there's nothing better and safer than your own headphones. Your ears know why!

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